The Stones of the Seven (7) Chakras

  1. Root Chakra – Hematite, Black Onyx and Smokey Quartz
  2. Sacral Chakra – Tigers’ Eye and Sunstone
  3. Solar Plexus Chakra – Jasper and Pyrite
  4. Heart Chakra – Rose Quartz and Aventurine
  5. Throat Chakra – Aquamarine and Sodalite
  6. 3rd Eye Chakra – Amethyst, Fluorite and Lolite
  7. Crown Chakra – Clear quartz, Amethyst and Moonstone

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The 1st, The Root Chakra: Muladhara

Muladhara, comes from the word Mula meaning root and Dhara meaning support, so strength through deep understanding. This Chakra connects your energy with the Earth by deep grounding.

Color: Red

The Root Chakra is located at the base of your tailbone and goes up to just below the belly button, inny or outy.

When it is properly balanced, you feel accomplished, safe, peaceful, and things like material possessions are properly in place.

The Chakra can become overactive, and when it does, you may feel anxiety and shakiness. This implicates your fear instinct to help keep you alert and alive.

Balance this Chakra by taking care of your  needs, your diet and the energy that your body and life need to maintain and survive.

When this Chakra is underactive, you may daydream, have trouble focusing, or feel spacy and cloudy,Energize your 1st chakra

If you find yourself disconnected from material existence, your 1st chakra may need to be revved up.

Energize this Chakra by collecting the stones that hold the power, reconnect with the Earth and Nature; garden, hike, dig, swim in a lake, jump in a pile o fleaves, and energize.

The 2nd, The Sacral Chakra: Svadhishana

The 2nd chakra is the sacral chakra or svadhishana which translates to “the place of the self.”

This chakra is all about your identity as a human and what you do with it. From of all 7 chakras, this chakra is responsible for bringing you creative energy to help enrich your life.

Your sacral chakra is the home of the creative life force energy that helps you enjoy your life here on Earth.

It’s the energy that motivates you to enjoy the fruits of your labor, including indulging in pleasurable activities like sex and intimacy.

Color: Orange

Location: The sacral chakra is located right below the belly button and extends to its center.

What balanced feels like: When your 2nd chakra is balanced, you will relish in the pleasurable things life has to offer, without overdoing them.

Sex, good food, and creative activities will be inspiring and enjoyable, and you will get a sense of wellness and abundance from them.

When this chakra is overactive

The sacral chakra is often overactive when we face things like addiction and gluttony. Pleasure is a good thing, and you should never feel guilty for enjoying the good things life has to offer.

However, if you find yourself enjoying things that aren’t nourishing for your soul or healthy for you, then your sacral chakra is likely out of balance.

Symptoms include addiction, obesity, hormone imbalances, and restlessness.

How to balance your 2nd chakra

To balance your 2nd chakra, it’s helpful to draw energy away from the pleasure and into your heart.

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You can do this by asking yourself a simple question before each action you take.

Ask yourself, “Is what I am about to do good for me? Is it healthy and nourishing? What are the benefits of the action I’m about to take? 

Taking time to assess whether your actions are healthy is a great way to draw energy away from this chakra.

When this chakra is underactive

If you’ve spent a lot of time focusing on very practical things without enjoying the fruits of your labor, your sacral chakra may be underactive. Symptoms of this include depression, impotence, decreased sex drive and a lack of passion and creativity.

How to energize your 2nd chakra

Energizing your 2nd chakra is fun. In simple terms – enjoy life! Create a piece of art. Eat a healthy and enjoyable snack. Make love to your partner.

Take time for yourself and enjoy the incredible gifts the Earth has to offer you.

The 3rd chakra – Solar Plexus – Manipura

The 3rd chakra is the Solar Plexus or Manipura which translates to “lustrous gem.” This chakra is where your self-confidence, identity, and personal power are born.

Have you ever been in a situation that you just knew wasn’t right for you? Where did you feel those cues in your body?

Most people say they feel those types of cues in their “gut.”

In reality, this is the seat of your personal power, your solar plexus, and you can physically feel that confidence and wisdom in its location.

Color: Yellow

Location: The solar plexus starts in the center of the belly button and extends up to the breastbone or where your two sets of ribs connect in the center of your chest.

What balanced feels like: When your 3rd chakra is balanced, you will feel a sense of wisdom, decisiveness, and personal power.

Many call this chakra the warrior chakra, as the feeling you get from it is comparable to a wise warrior going into battle.

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He has the confidence to win and the wisdom to know the personal truth he is fighting for.

When this chakra is overactive

The solar plexus chakra becomes overactive when the power we have over our own lives extends into the lives of others. When this chakra is too energized, you may feel quick to anger, the need to control and micromanage, greediness and a lack of compassion or empathy.

You may suffer from digestive issues or even imbalances in your internal organs like the appendix, pancreas, liver, and kidneys.

How to balance your 3rd chakra

To balance your 3rd chakra, practice opening up your heart with love and compassion. Meditate on sending love and kindness from your heart to all those around you. Refocus the power you have and see yourself as a beacon of love.

When this chakra is underactive

When our personal power is taken away from us either by another person or through extenuating circumstances, we may be left with a lack of energy in our 3rd chakra.

If this happens, you may feel indecisive, insecure, timid and needy.

How to energize your 3rd chakra

To energize your Solar Plexus, think of the things that you know you’re good at. After all, everyone has talents and abilities.

Make a list of yours. Feel how the confidence in those talents makes your stomach tingle and vibrate. Empower that feeling by creating your own personal affirmations.

The 4th chakra – Heart – Anahata

The 4th chakra is the Heart or Anahata chakra, which translates to “unhurt.” This chakra is where your love, compassion, and kindness are empowered.

It’s not hard to understand this chakra.

We all associate our hearts with love, and that’s exactly what the 4th chakra is all about. And this includes love for others and love for yourself, which is why this chakra is also associated with health and healing.

Color: Green

Location: The heart chakra’s center is located right over your heart and it radiates down to your breastbone and up to your throat. It is the middle one of the 7 chakras and it’s connecting the higher chakras (the heaven) with the lower chakras (the physical world).

What balanced feels like: When your 4th chakra is balanced, you are able to equally feel love for yourself and others. Even when tough things happen, you can still see the compassion and kindness in others.

When this chakra is overactive

When the heart chakra becomes overactive, we lose our personal boundaries and start to make unhealthy choices, all in the name of love.

It’s important to treat yourself with the same compassion and kindness that you give others, but when the heart chakra is overactive, you may find yourself always putting the needs of others before your own.

Symptoms include a fast heart rate, palpitations, heartburn, and interpersonal relationship issues.

How to balance your 4th chakra

Balancing your 4th chakra means taking that love you’ve given to others and focusing some of it back on yourself. And you can do this by doing one thing every day that’s just for you:

  • Take a relaxing bath
  • Treat yourself to a massage
  • Meditate on sending compassion to yourself

When this chakra is underactive

Many people have an underactive 4th chakra. Life can send us a lot of heartbreak as a way to teach us lessons about ourselves and the world around us. But, it can be hard to not take those lessons personally.

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When your heart chakra is underactive, you will feel like it’s hard to get really close to anyone.

It’s like building a wall around your heart and not letting anyone in. Physically, you may feel out of touch with your body and suffer from circulation problems.

How to energize your 4th chakra

Energizing your heart chakra may take a lot of work.

Many of us have worked hard to build up our walls and defenses, and it isn’t always easy to knock them down. But it begins with loving yourself.

Show appreciation for yourself, and give yourself the love that you want others to give to you. Then, spread that compassion to those around you.

The 5th chakra – Throat – Vishuddha

The 5th chakra is the Throat chakra or Vishuddha which translates to “very pure.”

This chakra gives a voice to your personal truths.

So, where does your voice come from?

What provides the energy for you to speak?

On a physical level, of course, the answer is the throat, but on an energetic level, this energy actually comes from your 5th chakra. This chakra lets you speak your truth with clarity.

Resting right above the heart, the throat chakra is connected to the compassion and love you have for yourself and others.

Color: Blue

Location: The throat chakra’s center is right in between your collar bone, and it radiates down to the center of your heart and up to the center of your eyes.

What balanced feels like: When your throat chakra is balanced, you will be able to clearly speak with love, kindness, and truth.

In fact, you will know exactly which words are appropriate for each situation. And speaking with a balanced throat chakra will enlighten and inspire those around you.

When this chakra is overactive

Our 5th chakra becomes overactive when we’ve spent a lot of time trying to make our voice heard.

If you’ve often felt ignored or invalidated when you express yourself, you may have tried to overcome this by giving yourself a louder voice.

Those with overactive throat chakras will often interrupt others, often be told they have a loud voice or “love to hear themselves talk.”

Physically, you may suffer from throat pain, frequent infections, cavities or mouth ulcers.

How to balance your 5th chakra

Balancing your 5th chakra is as easy as thinking before you speak.

Take it from the Buddha, before you say anything, ask yourself:


When this chakra is underactive

Sometimes, we have been ignored and invalidated so much that we react in the opposite way – we shut down our voices and never speak our truth.

If you have an underactive throat chakra, you have likely been called shy or quiet. And you may find yourself unable to express your emotions or struggling for words when you try to speak your truth.

Physical symptoms often include digestive issues, because energy diverted away from the throat chakra often ends up being “swallowed” or sent down to the 3rd chakra.

How to energize your 5th chakra

Speak your truth!

Even if no one is around to hear you, practice expressing your emotions and truths when you’re alone.

It’s very common to think that we should only speak when someone else is around to hear it, but if you’re trying to energize your third chakra, it doesn’t matter if it’s received by any other ear than your own.

The 6th chakra – The Third Eye – Ajna

The 6th chakra is the Third Eye Chakra Ajna which translates to “beyond wisdom.” This chakra opens up your mind to information beyond the material world and the 5 senses.

Extrasensory perception, intuition or psychic energy, all come from the third eye.

There is actually a small pinecone-shaped gland in your brain that takes in light. The pineal glandis responsible for helping you feel awake in the daytime and sleepy at night.

Long before brain imaging, ancient cultures knew this Third Eye existed, and they also realized it received information from sources outside of the five senses.

Color: Indigo

Location: The third eye’s center is in between your eyebrows. It radiates down to your mouth and up to the top of your head.

What balanced feels like: A balanced third eye is a beautiful thing, and it’s really what you are trying to achieve when you start on a path to spiritual development.

When your third eye chakra is balanced, you will equally feel in tune with both the physical world and the material world. You will receive psychic information as frequently as you receive information from your 5 physical senses, but it will not overwhelm you.

When this chakra is overactive

If you compare to all the 7 chakras, it is very unlikely your 6th chakra is overactive.

Most of us are very in tune with our physical reality and find it difficult to receive information outside of it.

That being said, if you have an overactive third eye, you likely spend most of your time engrossed in psychic activities like tarot card readings, astrology, and paranormal experiences.


When your 3rd eye chakra is overactive, these activities become overwhelming and distract you from living a human experience.

How to balance your 6th chakra

If you find yourself consumed with psychic information, take some time to remind yourself that you are a creature of the Earth.

Go to the beach and feel the sand on your toes. Dig you’re in the dirt in your garden. Connect your body to Earth and repeat:

When this chakra is underactive

Most people have an underactive 6th chakra.

We live in a world that often invalidates intuitive development.

Because of this, we close off our Third Eye and ignore our own psychic experiences. Doing so can cause us to feel disconnected from spiritual experiences. Physically, you may feel headaches or have problems with allergies and your sinuses.

How to energize your 6th chakra

Energizing your third eye will take some practice. You’ll need to devote some time to quiet, solitary meditation. At first, get used to the feeling of focusing on signals outside of your physical body.

Listen to your spirit and recognize how that feels. As you practice this, you’ll find it easier and easier to connect with the energy from your Third Eye.

The 7th chakra – Crown – Sahaswara

The 7th chakra is the Crown or Sahaswara, which translates to “thousand petaled.” This chakra is pure consciousness energy.

The Crown chakra is one of those energies that’s hard to explain.

You can think of it like magnetism.

When you hold a piece of metal to a magnet, you can feel the energy and tension, but you can’t see it. Consciousness energy is everywhere and in everything. It connects us to the entire universe.

Our own personal consciousness is located in the 7th chakra, but it’s really more like the seed of a universal energy than something personal or individual.

Color: Violet – white

Location: The crown chakra’s center is at the top of your head. It radiates down to between your eyes and then extends infinitely upward and outward, connecting you to the energy of the rest of the universe.

What balanced feels like: Achieving a balanced crown chakra is the goal of every spiritual warrior, and it’s not easy to do. You can think of it as the Buddhist concept of achieving nirvana.

Once you achieve it, you’re not really human anymore – you’ve conquered suffering and death.

Of course, it is the journey of attempting to achieve this balance that brings us happiness, good health, and wisdom. Trying to balance your 7th chakra will align and balance your other chakras.

When this chakra is overactive

It’s not possible to have an overactive crown chakra.

Because it is the seat of universal energy, it is innately infinite. In other words, you can’t exist in the material world and be overcome with consciousness energy.

How to balance your 7th chakra

Since no one has an overactive crown chakra, there’s no need to consider how to calm the energy down.

When this chakra is underactive

An underactive 7th chakra means you’re human.

It feels exactly like being a human. Some people may be closer to achieving it, while others may be far away. In any case, practicing spiritual development and balancing your other chakras will bring you closer to experiencing the consciousness energy in your crown chakra.

How to energize your 7th chakra

Instead of attempting to open up and active your crown chakra, focus on balancing the other 6 chakras.

Meditate and connect with spirit and balance those activities with living and enjoying your human experience.

Think of it like trying to win an Olympic gold medal. You don’t just try to win the medal, you train your body and mind first. The only way to achieve such a huge goal is to focus on small, attainable goals first.

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